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Contact the Seven Pipers Scottish Society of Tucson

We would love to hear from you. You might want to have us come play or you might want to come see us. Either way, we have a central contact number for the community. Please give a call at (520) 399-8735.

If you are interested in joining our group or have specific questions for one of the sections you can reach us at one of the numbers below. However, if you are calling reguarding a performance then please call our community contact at the number listed above. If you would like to become a member you can do so by filling out the Seven Pipers Scottish Society Membership Form.

Seven Pipers Scottish Society Sections Contact Information

Highland Dance
Trish Nuzzo: (520) 591 8257
or for more info go to the Highland Dance Meet Up page.

Scottish Country Dancing
Gail Cordy: (520) 319 8468 or
Will or Lynne McCullen: (520) 203 7987

The Seven Pipers Singers
Harvey Delahay: Contact Form

Alex McCullen or Terry Rillos: Contact Form

Fill out my online form.